We believe that there is a need for integrous, important business to happen in Haiti. This is evident in how we choose to invest in the development of both local leadership and in opportunities to grow them. 



business training

We believe in training. For the sphere of business, this is especially important. For the last few years, we have had some of the most  dynamic business leaders and friends speak to the community about the basics of starting a business and more. Some of the topics they address are: 

-Creating a small business 

-Writing a business plan 

-Business principles 

-Biblical business guides 

-How to sustain a business

-And more 

These seminars have led to actual business creation and even the funding of some small businesses. 


kafe grann

Haiti used to be well-known for its coffee. With tropical conditions, comparable to Kona's prime conditions, Haiti is a great place to get coffee. Our community boasts some of the greatest coffee roasters in the area, and with the mountains being so close to us as well, we are in a special area to help this business grow! Each person involved with this business is paid a fair wage and we keep as much of the production in Haiti as possible, and therefore most of the profits. Any additional proceeds go back toward Konbit Haiti's programs. 

Purchase some of this delicious coffee here


the haiti ladies

The Haiti Ladies is a group of women who creates beautiful things. Many of these items are available for purchase online through Some of the other items are sold locally only, which gives these ladies additional income. Click here to shop some of the online line

moringa farm

While helping to teach Haitians about being good stewards of the earth, we also help these small farmers create products with the superfood they grow. With our own farm and farming partners, we have helped to develop good business principles and on-the-ground training. Additionally, we sell this superfood powder here.  All the proceeds go to our farmers and partners, as well as back to the mission itself. 



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