We work with community leaders, young people, parents, students, and more to continue education and training. We believe this is one of the central calls to the mission and we love having leaders from all over help us accomplish this. 



Pastors in rural Haiti wear many hats. They are often the mayor, the police force, and the spiritual leader. They also usually have little to no support. When we heard this, we wanted to create a space for pastors to be encouraged, trained, and create community. 

Each year, we host a pastor's conference with international and local leaders presenting. This feeds into our monthly pastor's coalition led by Pastor Musac, one of our amazing partners. 




What is it like to live in rural Haiti with little to no access to healthcare? Our friends and partners know this well. We focus on a few ways of healthcare training for the members of our community. 


Encouraging local, natural remedies 

Training done by international nurses in first-aid and basic wound care 

Emergency healthcare support 

Special, focused healthcare training (maternity, etc.) 




Working with local partners is important for many reasons. One of them is for cultural integrity and tact. This is extremely important when considering addressing "taboo" subjects like sexual education. Our local partners work hard to make sure the young people in our community understand the workings of our bodies and more. 




One of the major ways a community is impacted is through business. With each job a person gets, multiple people are impacted because of their ability to spend. We want to sew into this through offering small-business training and planning. We have professionals who have degrees in Business and Management to train nationals in business and leadership. 




Parenting is hard in every country. However, in Haiti, there is a lack of resources to bring parents together and help them with the things they need to be successful parents. In many instances, this can contribute to the orphan crisis impacting Haiti. Though training and empowering parents, we aim to create community and a safe space for training.


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