Keeping families together

With each program and project, training and seminar, we see families encouraged and empowered. In a country where 80% of children in orphanages have parents who would like to take care of them, we feel this call to keep families together very strongly. 

Transforming Leadership and Development

There is a proverb, "Only Haitians can change Haiti," and we believe that this is a good motto. We stand by local leaders, change-makers, and visionaries to give them the tools they need to succeed. We create networks, host trainings, and provide the infrastructure for them to do their work. 

Serving God through serving the whole person

We believe that God cares deeply for the entire person. As a Christian mission, we aim to promote a kind of Christianity that transcends cultural norms and cares for the entire person. We believe in holistic development and our mission is to help foster shalom: right relationships with the environment, people, ourselves, and God. 



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