Water Outreach

Over the last 9 years, our Community Directors + Partners have brought clean water and sanitation to over 30,000 people

Our approach is different.

We use local people as catalysts for change in communities not even found on the map. Through their teaching, they are able to transfer knowledge of low-tech projects that can be sourced locally and replicated easily.

our impact is long-term

Our impact is not short-term. We help communities evaluate their water sources, fix projects, and continue to gain access to clean water long after the project is completed. It's about people, not projects.

our story is hope

When communities understand they hold the keys to change in their hands, they are no longer waiting for outside aid. Instead, these projects can be replicated all over, spreading Hope and change. 

Our Low-Tech and Emergency Solutions: 

rain catchment tanks

A rain catchment tank is an aboveground or underground cistern that attaches to a roof with the purpose of collecting rainwater. A typical catchment tank is 2,000-2,500 gallons and can provide clean water for 300 people.


Bio-Sand filters

Handwashing training and handwashing station building is important work. Without access to running water, people are trained to make it last with technologies such as a tippy-tap. They are also taught the importance of washing hands regularly.   

Bio-sand filter materials can be found in-country. Made with sand, charcoal, and a plastic bin, these filters create a bio-layer that filters up to 99.8% of bacteria and are approved for household use.  

latrines/septic systems

Sawyer Filters


All of our latrines are designed with a pee-trap and dual-chamber septic system, so there are no bugs or scent in these rural areas. Additionally, they are made with concrete with the option for those in the community to pitch in for a porcelain toilet. 

During a crisis or emergency situation, our team uses  Sawyer 0.1 micron filters for our filter system. All of these filters are distributed by nationals and placed in the hands of people in crisis. The way to use a filter is told in their native language.

We train with each project we do with a hands-on component and a lecture component. Training ensures that each project is replicable and fixable, should it need repairs. We also offer additional training for children called "Little Ripples." 


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