Family Programs

helping families thrive together

Each program that is under our family program umbrella seeks to empower, educate, and uplift families. 

Summer Camp

Winter Camp

After-School Program 

Family Trainings 

Extra Assistance

Haiti's families are under attack. Nearly 80 of children in orphanages have loving parents but cannot keep them due to the rising costs of food and school and lack of a decent job. We believe that there is a way to empower families to take care of one another while keeping the family unit in tact. 

Our community outreach to families is through strategic partnership and ongoing programs. Each program is Haitian-planned and led. 

Programs we love: 

After-school program, where 100+ kids are given a hot meal and learn important skills

Summer Camp, a 5-week day-camp that has won commendations from local city authorities, feeds and teaches over 150 children each day, and provides so much FUN for kids 


Medical Training, where we partner local and international professionals to teach and empower.

December Camp, a 1-2 week day camp for over 100 children where they are fed, do Christmas camps, and learn about the Christmas story. Children and their parents attend a Christmas Pageant and Program! 


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