Haiti's orphanages are filled with children whose parents want to keep them. In fact, 80% of children in Haiti's orphanages have parents who would keep them if they could. Our Family Service programs seek to meet the needs of families and intervene before parents feel so helpless they put their children in institutionalized care. 

Women of Konbit || Fanm Konbit


Health services || 

medical program



Our outreach to women at-risk involves meeting women where they are. We seek to create spaces where women can be free from their many demanding responsibilities and work through their lives and issues in community. We do this in an a variety of ways: teaching and empowering conferences, seminars that contribute soft and hard skills to women at-risk.


 Additionally, we have a sewing co-op that seeks to provide consistent income and a space for creativity within this marginalized community. This group of women is 90% single mothers and almost entirely bringing in the only source of income from their families. 



What started as a ministry to a handful of youth in the community has grown into a ministry serving 140 children, ages 4-17. This program focuses on giving children the ability to do more than merely survive- but to thrive in their environment. Our national led program gives  children the context of Haitian culture and seeks to deliver a holistic, Biblical worldview to produce successful and productive adults. 

Some of the programs that this ministry runs are: 

-School sponsorships 

-English classes 

-Music classes (intro)

-Christmas program and camp 

-Summer camp (All of July)

-Dance class 

-Mother's Day events 

-and more! 

To help support this program, please select "Kid's Ministry" under our "Donate" tab. 




One of the most pressing needs in Haiti is within the field of healthcare. Konbit Haiti recognizes this need and seeks to create sustainable methods for the healthcare needs of our community. This program is relatively new and in the research phase for future expansion. However, we have been very pleased with the beginning phases of this project. 

Our medical advisory board is both helping to perform research and helping create stable on-the-ground training throughout the year. This training consists awareness of basic bodily functions, human anatomy, assessing an illness, treating basic wounds and cuts, and determining whether a person needs to go to the doctor or not. This has helped to empower local parents. 

Additionally, clinics are done and medical records are kept on our children's program as well as clinics that happen in the countryside with some of our partners. 


Emergency intervention || 

medical, food, and more



There are times in life that require a little extra assistance. This is why we have an emergency intervention program. This program offers the following to community members in desperate need: 

-Assistance with formula for mothers who cannot breast feed.

-Clothing for children and babies who need it. 

-Shoes for children who need them. 

-Food rations for people who do not have access to food.

-Medical assistance for single, un-wed mothers in desperate need. 

-Medical assistance for children and adults with emergency needs. 

-and more



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