Clean Water + Environmental Projects

helping communities thrive together

Each program and project that is completed under this umbrella seeks to bring healing and wholeness to communities through sustainable technologies. They are research based, impactful ways that loca leaders help communities thrive. 

Water Training Seminars

Moringa Tree Planting

Sustainable, clean water projects

Hand-washing Stations

Sustainable, low-impact latrines


Bio-Sand Filters 

Sawyer Filters as Emergency Relief 

...and more


Our water program started with this idea: community members are capable of providing solutions to their most pressing issues.  Since 2010, our water program has helped provide clean drinking water for over 30,000 people. Additionally, over 3,000 people have been trained in these technologies. 

Our local partners are educated, research-based, and dedicated leaders who know the nuances of culture and the significance of structural integrity with each project completed. 

We value the earth and see it as part of our duty to steward our resources well. Our upcycled bags use discarded trash to make beautiful things (and an income for some of our sewing community). Our moringa initiative helps local farmers in co-ops around the area take care of their land and make a fair-wage for their time. 

We are working on additional training to help make us more impactful in positive ways in our environment. 


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