One of the best ways to love one another and God is to care for the environment. This is built into the mission and vision of Konbit Haiti: to care for and protect the environment in Haiti. We seek to create environmental resiliency through care and stewardship over the earth.


water program

Our water program started with the idea that community members can and should create projects that are appropriate and helpful for their communities. In just 8 years, this program has become one of our strongest and most impactful.


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moringa farming

Moringa is a powerful superfood that can be grown in Haiti. Because Haiti was once a farming community, Konbit Haiti seeks to move it back to its roots through the farming of this ancient superfood, moringa olifera. Right now, our community center has above ground grow beds that encourage the stewardship of resources and helps teach the community the importance of farming. You may purchase this superfood powder online 


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