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Here's the Deal...

Haiti has been through a challenging season this year. While international and local corruption has kept the country in long stretches of lock-down, our programs have continued to run. Though food has gone up in price from 40-70% inflation, our programs continue to feed the most vulnerable and give them a place to be safe and loved. Our staff and partners of over 40 Haitian leaders have done so much work over the last year to make sure their community is served through all of the various trials the country has faced. 

This Christmas, we want to stand with our local friends as they bring Christmas joy and the hope of Christ to their hurting community. 

How you can join

Christmas is a time for togetherness, though oftentimes we forget it. Among the hustle and bustle of the season, we often look back and wonder if we could have given more. Here's where you can intentionally participate in something bigger than yourself alongside your community. Grab your small group, church friends, family members, Sunday school class, work out club, and more - and choose one of the ways to get involved. We will be with you every step of the way with materials to help or pick up for items donated. Thanks for considering! 

Give a Staff Blessing

Our staff works tirelessly to serve their community. Over the course of this year, there have been times where the banks and/or Western Union was closed, leaving them for weeks without pay. They continued. While prices continue to rise, they have given above and beyond toward the programs, their community, and more. This season, we'd like to give more to them in the form of a one-time financial gift. Please click this link and follow the prompts to give. In the comments write, "Staff Blessing."

Give a Staff Blessing

Pack a Bag

While we don't like to bring lots of imported goods into the country, we do bring in goods for Christmas because of the number of kids we like to help. We celebrate Christmas with hundreds of community members and have a big need for donated gift bags. Here's how to pitch in:

1.) Grab a gallon-sized ziplock bag and print out one of the PDFs below.

2.) Fill the bag with items on the list for your child's age.

3.) Check what you've purchased and included and staple it onto the bag.

4.) Get in touch with us so we can be sure to pick it up by December 10! 

Child, Ages 5-8

Child, Ages 9-14

Child, Ages 15-19

Count me in, I'm packing a bag! 

Help with Camp

We run a week-long Christmas camp for the children in our community. This is huge, not only because it gives the kids something to do when they are out of school, but also because it gives them a hot meal (usually their only meal of the day). 

We are collecting supplies for Christmas Camp. Please take a look at the list below and let us know if you want to participate. Click the link when you're ready and we will organize a pick up by December 10. 

For 50 kids, ages 13-19:

English Class Materials (ESL)

Sewing Materials/Kits (Crochet, Cross-Stitch, Etc) 

Educational Materials

Books (French or English) 

Big Yard Games 

BINGO, etc. with Christmas theme

Musical instruments

For 100 kids, ages 4-12:

VBS, Christmas-type activities

Christmas coloring sheets 

Younger English materials 

Balls, blocks, games for children 

Count me in, I'm helping with camp!



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