Business Development

helping businesses develop and thrive

We help start, maintain, and create plans for businesses in our community. Our training and business creation focuses on helping business-minded people navigate the ins and outs of a small business. 



Social Enterprises:

Fanm Konbit (The Women of Konbit): These ladies have been sewing various products for 5 years. They learn sewing and business skills as well as life-skills.

Ekip Sages (The Wise Team): These at-risk high school-aged girls are a new venture, making concrete items and learning all kinds of skills. 

Moringa Co-Op: Moringa is grown by local farmers, dried and made into a powder by a hand-full of people on staff. This program has been going for the last few years. 

Coffee Program:  We use a local roaster and sourcer for our coffee. This puts about 5 jobs into the community. 

Our business development focuses: 

-Social Enterprises 


-Small business loans with a 100% re-payment rate.



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