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Because, we were all meant to thrive 

Haiti doesn’t need to change. She is not cursed, broken, or damaged. She does not need a “hand up.” However, Haiti has been neglected and abused by the international community. Decades of aid damage have crippled this capable people. 

How do you help a country that receives continuous aid yet doesn't prosper? You work with locals to solve their own needs!

Konbit Haiti is a grassroots organization that partners with leaders in the Montrouis, Haiti area to help develop their community. We train and work with local leaders to holistically develop their own community for resiliency and sustainable livelihood.

​Konbit Haiti helps communities transform themselves by developing business, family, and the environment.

​By simultaneously focusing on these “Three Spheres of Sustainability,” and worldview development, we are able to partner with locals to make the holistic and lasting impact that they want and need.

We don’t give aid, or simply do projects. We partner with locals, who train their community, and occasionally we partner with the community to help solve a need.

This determined people group is a blessing to the world, and Konbit Haiti is one of their partners to help the world realize that. We believe in working with them to restore Biblical shalom and transformational development to this beautiful nation.


this is our story 

Konbit Haiti is a collaborative effort amongst a Haitian community and its international partners. We believe what Bryant Myers writes in his book Walking with the Poor: "The poor already have a story before the development agency arrives. It is both their immediate story and the story of their people. Furthermore, God has been active in their story since its very beginning, whether the people have recognized God's involvement or not. When development promoters arrive, they bring their story, both their personal story and the story of their development agency. Then, for the life of the program, the community and the promoters share a story." Konbit Haiti shares a story with the larger group of the people of Montrouis, Haiti. We feel it is first important to acknowledge that fact. 

At various times throughout their lives in Haiti, our founding partners began to work with their communities with their limited resources. Though they did not always know how, they knew they must do something to help their communities. Children's programs were started; water sources protected; churches planted. Haitians are hard workers, innovators, and often see the needs of their communities in ways that are the most honest and true. 

In other times over the last ten years, our western founding partners visited Haiti, lived in Haiti, and attempted to understand and learn all they could about this island nation. The biggest lesson learned was that though there was room for partnership, training, and support, our role could not be main community actor. For Haiti to change, it needed Haitian leaders. 

Though we all have different skills, our goal is the same: we want to see Haitian communities thriving in their contexts! We aim to serve God through holistic and transformational development. We do this through partnerships, training, research, and development programs. While this organization officially started in 2014, our hearts have all been invested in this island nation and have been "doing" konbit long before the official paperwork came in! 

Our story as an organization is still being written. Konbit is a Haitian creole word that means "coming together," usually to accomplish a common goal like gardening. All of us involved with Konbit love watching the community we are involved with come together to serve one another, love one another, and create together. We believe there is so much in store for our ministry and we invite you to partake in your role with konbit in Haiti, as well! 


this is our location 

Our main location is in a town about 2 hours north of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. This town is called Montrouis, Haiti. More specifically, the Konbit Haiti headquarters is located in the foothills of the mountains in a little village called Souboy. From this village, we work in the mountains behind our community center with partners who live there full time. We also work with partners in another city, St. Marc, about 30 minutes away and that city's surrounding villages. 

Physical Address: 

KM 78, Rt. National #1

Enface Decameron

Montrouis, Haiti 

Mailing Address: 

PO Box 1227 

Montrose, AL. 36559

US Office Address: 

1305 Main Street 

Daphne, AL. 36526


this is our work 

We believe in people and not projects alone. The way we measure our successes have to do with a well-executed project, but also a trained and transformed community. We do this through strategic partnerships with local leaders and staff members. We do this through local outreaches to the community. We do this through training programs which allow us to get to know the community in a better way. 

Konbit means "to work together" and we believe it is essential to the life of our ministry to work together to accomplish our mission. 

Konbit Haiti Tagline: Helping Communities Thrive 

Konbit Haiti Slogan: Working Together to Transform Haiti  

Konbit Haiti Vision Statement:  A world where communities transform themselves for sustainable livelihood.

Konbit Haiti Mission Statement: Partnering with communities to create sustainable transformation by developing the family, business, and the environment.


We value: 

Kingdom Culture— Living in community as Christ commanded and the early Church modeled.

Discipleship— As the Disciples were to Christ, we are always open to the transformation of God in life with others.

Integrity— We are honest, trustworthy, and held accountable for our choices. We do our best to model Christ in our lives.

Excellence— We always try to do everything to the best of our abilities, with good character.

Freedom— We have been set free; as brothers and sisters in Christ, we live free from slavery.

Partnership— We collaborate with the community to walk in unity as the global Church.

We invite you to check out our programs that are run year-round by amazing community developers in Haiti. 


these are 

our staff/partners 


this is our board 

Lou Brummett

Lou Brummett has over 30 years of non-profit work under her belt, both locally and internationally. She's worked with Konbit Haiti since 2011. She currently serves as board president.

Jonathan DeLuca

Jonathan DeLuca is originally from Daphne, AL. and is a graduate of Mississippi College's School of Law. He obtained his JD magna cum laude. He currently works for Balch & Bingham's Atlanta, GA. office and serves as secretary on the board.

Nolan & Danni Robinson

Nolan and Danni have a heart for the nations and mission. They met in Kona, HI serving with YWAM. Currently, they live in Tacoma, WA. Together, they run Rain City 3D, a real estate photography company. Nolan also is the Operations Manager for Mosaic Homes Group, one of the top real estate groups in the country. They serve as Konbit Haiti's board treasurers.

David Sanon

David Sanon is originally from Montrouis, Haiti. After his schooling, he went on to receive more training from YWAM in the Dominican Republic. He served in the Dominican Republic for over a year. He worked with a local community group, whose goal was to protect and establish local water sources. He went on to join Justice Water Hispaniola in 2013 and has been with us ever since.

Jesselyn Prophet

Jesselyn is originally from Barrie, Ontario. She first set foot in Haiti in 2010, mere weeks after the earthquake. She returned to work in discipleship and leadership training with YWAM Port-Au-Prince in 2011. 

After a brief sabbatical after her two years of work in Haiti, she returned full-time in 2013. 

She currently works with Konbit part-time and her church, Willow Creek Barrie, part-time. 

Danilo and Clelie Cyrius 

Danilo and Clelie are both from different villages in Montrouis, Haiti. After finishing their schooling, they went to receive additional training on community development and missions through YWAM in the Dominican Republic. They stayed on as staff to train more leaders before heading back to Haiti in 2015. 

Lindsey Hererra

Lindsey is from Minnesota. After attending college and cosmetology school, Lindsey went to study about missions at YWAM San Pedro, Dominican Republic. She returned to the island a year and a half later to begin working with Justice Water Hispaniola and Konbit Haiti for a year. She currently works at Life Church in Wisconsin.

Susan Godwin

Susan Fontaine Godwin is a highly respected educator and innovator in Christian media and copyright compliance. She has been a featured speaker at the National Religious Broadcaster's Conference (NRB), Administration of Gospel Music, Willow Creek Arts Conference, Saddleback Worship Conference, and Church Music Publisher's Association (CMPA). She is the founder/CVO of Christian Copyright Solution s (CCS). She lives in Fairhope, AL. and serves as our Training Advisor. 

Lisa Yearwood

Lisa has been married to Dr. Tom for 40 years and together they have 3 daughters. They have 2 sons-in-law and 2 grandchildren who they love so much. 

Lisa is an incredibly creative person- designing things in her studio from driftwood furniture to necklaces and more. She brings this level of creativity to our board and into our work in Haiti. She is the Vice President and works as a prayer liaison for our board team.

Steph and Ryan Robinson

Ryan and Steph Robinson are from the Eastern Shore area of Alabama. They are co-founders of Konbit Haiti. They have been working in Haiti and mission there full time since 2010. They currently split their time between the Konbit Haiti state-side office in Daphne, AL. and the headquarters in Montrouis, Haiti. 

Their main focus on the board is to represent both sides of the spectrum with Konbit Haiti's work and to make sure things are done well. 

Willes Louis

Willes was born and raised in Montrouis, Haiti. He has a heart for people and for them to grow. He pursued additional training in the Dominican Republic and returned to his hometown a few years ago to work with Konbit Haiti. He is known for going to the most difficult to reach places and brings a great perspective to our collaborative work in Haiti. 


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